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Gregor Gysi, Gert Scobel and others: Moonlit Night - Five to Twelve
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Gregor Gysi, Gert Scobel and others: Moonlit Night - Five to Twelve


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This volume complements the bright light of the disaster news and the pale light of long-term studies with the moonlight of Eichendorff: 21 current essays on the climate crisis by politicians such as Gregor Gysi, the philosopher Gert Scobel or the FridaysForFuture activists Carla Reemtsma and Leonie Bremer meet poems by Eichendorff, Goethe & Co. Their interaction explores the climate crisis in a new way and shows us what has long been at stake: the beauty of nature, the edibility of our world - the moonlit night.

For every copy sold, €1 is donated to FridaysForFuture.

ISBN: 978-3-9822649-7-4

Hardcover with dust jacket and ribbon bookmark / 560 pages


Chris Verfuss and Felix Erdmann


Gregor Gysi (The Left)

Carla Reemtsma (FridaysForFuture)

Niko Paech (economist)

Leonie Bremer (FridaysForFuture)

Gert Scobel (philosopher)

John von Düffel (dramaturg)

Tobias Bayr (meteorologist)

Felix Peter (PsychologistsForFuture)

Lukas Köhler (FDP)

Frederike Neuber (philosopher)

Nina Scheer (SPD)

Jürgen Scheffran (climate scientist)

Sevde Kolukisaoglu (EnoughIsEnough)

Sirius (end terrain)

Konstantin Kreiser (NABU)

Cécile Lecomte (climbing activist)

Rudi Erlacher (Association for the Protection of the Mountains)

Jürgen Tautz (bee expert)

Lisa Badum (The Greens)

Michael Gerst (forester)

Gesa Mackenthun (cultural scientist)

Julian Zuber (GermanZero)

Published on November 25th, 2021

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