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Irene Solà: When I sing, the mountains dance
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Irene Solà: When I sing, the mountains dance


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Irene Solà's second novel is the winner of the 2020 European Literature Prize and a bestseller in Spain and Catalonia. The book is currently being translated into over 21 languages ​​worldwide.

Translated from Catalan by Petra Zickmann.
“If I sing, the mountains dance” is a book of wild beauty, a fable and mystical symphony in which reality mixes with legends and superstition.

Storm clouds graze the ridge of the Pyrenees and lightning strikes the poetic farmer Domènec, whose young wife Sió is left alone with her father-in-law and their children. But life goes on. The mountains watch impassively as those who live there grow and die.

The young Catalan writer Irene Solà, who was awarded the European Literature Prize in 2020 for this novel, creates and enlivens a polyphonic and poetic world, told through strong women and mystical voices of grandparents, parents, children, animals, spirits, the forest and the Clouds. They all form these stories that are connected to each other in a beautiful and magical but also tragic way. All united in the cycle of birth, life and death. Solà tells the story of the mountains, which encompasses the memory of centuries, geological eras, political conflicts and the connection with nature.

“If I sing, the mountains dance”

ISBN: 978-3-98697-000-0

Hardcover with bookmark / 208 pages
Published on March 1st, 2022

Press reviews

»This book is a true miracle. A multi-voiced choral song, so full of imagination and life that while reading it you feel enveloped and enchanted, as if transported to another level of reality.«
– Dr. Karin Janker, Süddeutsche Zeitung

“They are stories of rugged, wild beauty – like the Catalan Pyrenees.”
– Nina Apin, taz

“This author plays through what poetry can be today on the keyboard of her laptop: one-word sentences like hailstones, rough and tender combined in a dance, refrains like magic spells.”
– Tina Uhlmann, freelance journalist and publisher

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