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Merle Kremp-Orschulik: Family on a journey
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Merle Kremp-Orschulik: Family on a journey


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Merle Kremp–Orschulik: Family on a trip – five of us traveling in a roof tent mini camper

»And then we stood there. On this beautiful lake in Sweden, after an incredibly long drive and an even more strenuous search for a suitable parking space that should only be ours. A few days just the four of us and nature. Freestanding and wild camping in Sweden. As we had always dreamed of. When we were childless. We got out of the car and the mosquitoes attacked us. Damn! I forgot the mosquito spray at home. So I was standing there, fighting the mosquitoes and looking at the beautiful lake, when a car door opened behind me and I heard one of my daughters scream: “Mom, what are we doing here, we are sooooo bored!”. At that moment I knew that we would have to do things differently in the future.«

In this book you will find out how Merle Kremp-Orschulik and her family's trip to Sweden went on and what they did differently on the subsequent trips. The author takes you with you as you pack the camper, shares with you the best tips and tricks for long car journeys and reveals things that you definitely shouldn't forget. An entertaining and worthwhile tour through the adventure of camping as a family of five.

Published on: May 1st, 2024



approx. 120 pages

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